E-book: Momentos de Reflexão – Pensamentos para Pais e Filhos

E-book - Pais e Filhos - Cover - 2014

Download: E-book – Momentos de Reflexão

Lecture: Nanotecnologia – Análise Sócio-Científica

Unesp - Seminário - Apresentação - Nanotecnologia - COMPLETO - 01

Download:Nanotecnologia – Análise Sócio-Científica

Lecture: Five Keys to Getting Your Job Done in your Company

Download: Five Keys to Getting your Job Done

Whatever perspective is ultimately seen as the most helpful, there seem to be some tangible things companies can do to improve the chances of success.

Experts at many Consultant Companies agree that, like everything else in business management, improving execution is an ongoing process.

However, they say there are steps any company can take that should provide some incremental gains.

We have prepared a presentation to discuss this subject and share some new ideas.


We hope you enjoy it!