Doing Business Abroad – France

Download: Doing Business Abroad – France

Before doing any business in France you should carefully research the main issues which are involved.


French language, law, local and national bureaucracy, culture and taxes may all be initially unfamiliar, but must be mastered if a long-term investment is to be successful.


You should also get unbiased and independent professional advice tailor-made to your specific circumstances before making any commitment.


We have prepared some guidelines that could help in your future business deals.

Lecture: Fair Treatment in the Workplace

Download – Presentation – Fair Treatment in the Workplace

Each day, workers from around the world head to their respective jobs in order to complete the tasks required by their employers and gain compensation to support themselves and their families


Regardless of the corporate structure, employees across the civilized nations share the same legal protections when it comes to fair treatment in the workplace.


We have prepared a presentation about Fair Treatment in the Workplace to share some ideas about this interesting subject.

Lecture: Are you a Controller, Enabler or a Leader?

Download – Presentation – Are you a controller, enabler or leader?

Do you empower the people you work and live with or do you enable and control them?


If you want to increase productivity, happiness and time in the day to complete your own “to-do’s”, you must learn to let go of your fears and start empowering people.


We have prepared a short presentation to introduce some aspects of empowering people to help you to improve your own leadership skills.