The Indifference

How often do we pass by life without acknowledging its opportunities?
Way too often!

Every time we pass by without acknowledging where we are, what we do, etc, we miss an important opportunity to improve ourselves and to achieve faster our goals.

Why does it happen?

– We believe it is an unconscious act.
– Sometimes we get so busy in life working on the tasks that we forget the important things or because of life and working pressure we lose the ability to analyze things.
– We became indifferent people.

01. Definition:

Indifference is the state of feeling where you just don’t care about taking an action, The problem with indifference is that sometimes you are aware that doing that thing or taking that action will get you much benefit but still you do nothing.

02. Important:

Indifference is not like lack of motivation because you may lack motivation if you are not aware of the importance of the activity, however if you are aware but still take no action then you are indifferent.

03. Examples:

– Loss of hope: you just don’t feel that your efforts will yield any result, so you become indifferent, because in your point of view taking an action will not change anything.
– Depression: it is the strongest factor that can make you indifferent. Depressed people may have noticed that they became indifferent concerning some of the activities they used to do.
– Skepticism: that’s where religious indifference come from, some people just totally ignore the idea of doing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds, in many cases that happens because they are either skeptic or have become skeptic after they have faced some kind of experience that shook their religious beliefs.
– Learned helplessness: After failing to do something many times or after putting much effort without seeing a result someone people tend to develop something called learned helplessness, which is a state where the person believes that whatever effort he is going to do still there wont be any result.

04. What can I do to overcome indifference?

Indifference is just a result its never a cause, in order to overcome being indifferent you need to take care of the underlying reason that was the origin of indifference.

If its depression then take actions to overcome it, if its loss of hope take actions to build hope, if its religious skeptics search more and more in order to solidify your beliefs. Just fix the root cause for indifference and then it will leave you.

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