Lecture: Mindfull Leadership – Main Aspects

Download: Mindfull Leadership – Main Aspects

Lecture: How to Lead Without Saying a Word

Download: How to Lead Without Saying a Word

Leaders can sometimes communicate more without words than with them.

A leader doesn’t always need to use words to convey meaning; non-verbal cues often say more than words can ever do.

Unfortunately, too often non-verbal cues are displayed to the wrong effect, that is, to display distraction, disregard or even distaste.

We have prepared a presentation to introduce and discuss some important points about this interesting subject.

Lecture: Are you a Controller, Enabler or a Leader?

Download – Presentation – Are you a controller, enabler or leader?

Do you empower the people you work and live with or do you enable and control them?


If you want to increase productivity, happiness and time in the day to complete your own “to-do’s”, you must learn to let go of your fears and start empowering people.


We have prepared a short presentation to introduce some aspects of empowering people to help you to improve your own leadership skills.